Nueva ilustración mia posteada.
New illustration by me is up.

El texto que la acompaña (solo en inglés, lo siento):
The text that accompanies the piece:

Lafuente here, it’s Tuesday again.

This week we are paying homage to Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s LOCKE & KEY, as suggested by Ryan.

I first bumped into the book thanks to a “grab bag” in Forbidden Planet London. For a pound you get five books in a sealed plastic bag. You only see the covers of two, the rest are a surprise. And what a surprise LOCKE & KEY was.
The third issue of the second series was in that bag. Not the ideal jump-in point… or maybe it was. Didn’t know why anything was happening although by the time I turned the last page I was seduced. Joe Hill’s dialogue was elegant. The characters were well-defined and charming. That cave in the art class, the head key… and the reaction of the youngsters when shown what it does. The characters’ acting was specially compelling. Gabriel’s line art was careful and precise. Jay Fotos’ mood was mysterious and unsettling.

Yeah, I was blown away.

Furthermore, I wanted to know more about these characters. I tracked down the previous issues and within a couple of weeks I had all the material. Now I wait patiently for every new installment.

And I keep buying those grab bags, hoping to find another diamond I may be overseeing.