The nice folks of the Ohio Comic Con asked me to say a few words about the King (English only, sorry EJEM, quería decir a los castellanoparlantes que sólo está en inglés, doble perdón):

A great artist named Igor Medio once wrote "it's a shame I've learned so much from this person and I've never met him to say thanks". He was referring to Bill Watterson, but I believe thousands of creators can say the same about Jack Kirby.

I believe Jack Kirby's work is of ... let's find a good adjective... GARGANTUAN importance. You take the DeLorean and kidnap Kirby. You'll see the entire US comic-book industry fade away (and a good part of the foreign too). Not only because he created a neverending list of brilliant characters, but because he was a panel scientist. His story-telling was so rich. The pacing so dynamic. The compositions and design... genius, true genius who discovered new ground. As important as Giotto or Fritz Lang were.

And he drew weird. His monsters scared me when I was a kid. That Fantastic Four issue with Dragon Man. Terror. And how did he developed the look of The Thing? He gave emotions to a damn wall. Ah, and the Apokolips stuff. A brand new world made of ocean-sized volcanos. Those big dogs, man. Orion flies sitting in the air. Mister Miracle tries to commit suicide in every issue. Big Barda is cooler than Miracle. He drew fun. Yeah, he also did westerns. My brother used to say that when Jack draw a pistol shooting it seemed a nuclear blast. Not far off. That cover of The Sandman with a giant evil fish-head. Comics need more of those heads. The Demon, a series out of a few panels in Prince Valiant. Jimmy Olsen. Romance. Black Magic. The last boy on Earth finds time to shave. The thugs with an unusually long distance between nose and mouth. Ha ha. I like the grand dialogues of Darkseid. The red dinosaur. I enjoy reading his stories.

If Jack Kirby was alive I would like to shake his hand. And then, speaking with a thick Spanish accent, I would say "sir, your artwork scared and inspired me greatly. Thank you very much".

Indeed thank you, Mr. Kirby.